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A couple getting married

In order to make a marriage official, some paperwork must be completed by groom and bride. This is called the notice of marriage.

You are not required to marry in the area where you live. But for all civil marriages (and most religious marriages) you and your partner need to give notice of marriage at the register office in the area(s) where you live.

Civil marriage ceremonies

Information on civil ceremonies in South Gloucestershire.

Fees for registrations and ceremonies

Information on fees for the registration of births deaths and marriages.

Notice of marriage

In order to make a marriage official some paperwork must be completed by groom and bride. This is ca ...

Registering a place of worship

How to register a building as a place of worship for civil marriage ceremonies.

Renewal of marriage vows

If you are already married but wish to renew your marriage vows you can have a special ceremony. The ...

Where you can get married

You can get married in a church or other religious building with a ceremony conducted by a priest or ...

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