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Deaths, funerals and cremations

Flowers and a cemetery

Coming to terms with the death of a loved one can be very traumatic, even if the person has been ill for sometime.

We can help you during this period of grief with as much assistance with the administrative tasks for burial or cremation or registering the death.

Arranging an independent funeral

Although a funeral director will be invited to organise the majority of funerals some people prefer ...


The council is responsible for four cemeteries in South Gloucestershire in which burials are taking ...

Cemetery information

General information on cemeteries in South Gloucestershire.

Investigation of sudden death by the coroner

A small number of deaths have to be reported to the coroner before they can be registered and before ...

Public health funerals

We are responsible for arranging the funeral of any person who has died other than in hospital and w ...

Registering a death

When someone dies the doctor who was treating the deceased will issue a medical certificate of cause ...

Repatriation of bodies

You need permission from a coroner in the local district before a body can be moved out of England a ...

Repatriation of bodies from abroad

When someone dies abroad you can get help from the British authorities in the UK and overseas.

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