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Council tax

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Council tax is payable on nearly all domestic properties. It is collected to help pay for local services such as schools, roads, libraries, police, fire and rubbish collection.

The amount you pay depends on where you live within South Gloucestershire, what band your property is in, and your personal circumstances.

We will help you to find out what the charges are, who should pay them, and how and where to do so. There are also details about some of the circumstances in which you may not have to pay the full charge and the forms you can use to make claims for reductions.

For more information on council tax please visit our housing - council tax pages.

There are some important changes to Council tax legislation taking effect from 1 April 2013 that relates to some discounts and exemptions. For more information please visit Council tax changes from 1 April 2013.

Council Tax band reduction

We have been advised by neighbouring authorities that their residents are being contacted by companies that are saying they are working on behalf of the local authority and they are helping people with their Council tax band.

These companies are either asking for a fee to be paid upfront, i.e £195.00 or they will take a percentage of any refund that is due as a result of a re-banding. Charges have also been applied in instances where a banding appeal hasn't been successful.

Please be advised that should you be contacted by such a company they are NOT working with or for South Gloucestershire Council. 

If someone wants to appeal against their Council tax band, they can do so directly by appealing to the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) and there is no charge for this service.

Please go to the Valuation Office Agency website where you can find out more details of how to appeal against your Council tax band or call the VOA on 03000 501 501.

People should also be advised that by appealing against their Council tax band, the band can increase as well as decrease.  

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