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Council tax

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Council tax is payable on nearly all domestic properties. It is collected to help pay for local services such as schools, roads, libraries, police, fire and rubbish collection.

The amount you pay depends on where you live within South Gloucestershire, what band your property is in, and your personal circumstances.

We will help you to find out what the charges are, who should pay them, and how and where to do so. There are also details about some of the circumstances in which you may not have to pay the full charge and the forms you can use to make claims for reductions.

It has been brought to the attention of South Gloucestershire Council that some people in the area may have received letters from consultants offering the services of their company in appealing against their Council tax band at a charge of £149.99.

South Gloucestershire Council would like to advise people that they can appeal against their Council tax band at no charge to themselves by visiting the Valuation Office Agency website.  

Post Office Payments at Cromhall Post Office - We have been advised that Cromhall Post Office will shortly be closing for redevelopment. Please see How to pay your Council tax for more information.
Flood response for residents - If you have been affected by the recent flooding, you may qualify for a discount on your Council tax account. Please see Council tax discounts​ for more information.

Council tax - moving house

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Council tax - where your money goes

This section of our website explains your council tax bill in more detail and where your money goes.

Council tax appeals

You can appeal to us if you disagree with any decision made on your council tax account which relate ...

Council tax arrears

If you are paying by instalments and miss a payment we will issue a reminder. If you do not pay afte ...

Council tax changes from 1 April 2013

From 1 April 2013 new council tax legislation gives elected members of each local authority in Engla ...

Council tax charges

The amount of council tax you pay is based on the valuation band of your property and whether you ar ...

Council tax discounts

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Council tax empty property review

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Council tax exemptions

In some circumstances you do not need to pay council tax. Both occupied and unoccupied properties ma ...

Council tax recovery process

There are a number of methods we can use to recover unpaid council tax.

Evidence needed to claim council tax benefit

You will need to provide us with supporting evidence when making a claim for council tax benefit.

How to pay your council tax

The annual council tax charge is normally payable over 10 statutory monthly instalments from April t ...

Problems paying your council tax

If you are have difficulty paying your council tax bill please contact us immediately. We may be abl ...

What is local council tax reduction?

Local council tax reduction was introduced in April 2013 after the national council tax benefit sche ...

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