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Contact us - waste and recycling online forms

Waste and recycling bins

You can now request further information or report problems with rubbish, waste and recycling using our online forms.

Report a Missed Collection

We operate an alternate weekly kerbside collection service. Green bins green bags green boxes cardbo ...

Report a Problem with a Litter or Dog Bin

Many bins within South Gloucestershire are separately provided and maintained by local parish or tow ...

Report a problem with a recycling bank

As well as kerb side collections we provide a number of recycling banks around South Gloucestershire ...

Request a bulky waste collection

If you have a larger bulky item that needs collecting then you can request a collection.

Request a new bin, box or bag

How to get a new or replacement bin or recycling box.

Request a New or Replacement Waste Container

If you require a replacement or additional waste containers you can request them from us.

Request for a bin to be removed

If you have a bin that needs to be removed from your home please report it to us.

Request help with moving your waste bins

If you cannot move your wheeled bin we may be able to help you.

Request information about waste and recycling

If you require any information about your recycling collection please advise us.

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