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Highway maintenance

Streetcare team at work

We have responsibility for all aspects of highway maintenance in the area – except for motorways and trunk roads.​

This includes:

  • road surfacing and resurfacing
  • new drainage pipe work and repairs to drainage pipe work including manholes and gully pots
  • white lines - road and car park marking
  • dropped kerbs or vehicular access construction
  • renewal and installation of road markings and white lines
  • salting and gritting of roads and car parks
  • pothole repairs.

Highway safety inspections

We have a statutory duty to take reasonable care to keep the highway safe. Therefore we carry out regular highway safety inspections. The frequency of these inspections depends on how much a road is used by pedestrians and vehicles. We carry out inspections to:
  • find defects which could pose a risk to highway users and which we must deal with as a priority
  • find defects which should be repaired to avoid problems developing and which we can deal with as part of a works programme
  • assess the overall structural condition of sections of the road network so that we can allocate funds where they are most needed
  • allow efficient planning of maintenance work. 


We record the defects we find on roads, pavements and street furniture and mark them with white paint. We also make a note of litter and overgrown plants and trees and of streets that might need surface dressing and resurfacing etc. in a future works programme. Clearly, some problems are more serious than others. We apply priorities to each defect that we find:
  • make safe within 24 hours
  • repair within 14 days
  • repair within 12 weeks
  • review at 26 weeks, add to next works programme.


Many highways were designed with features that would not be acceptable now, such as steps or drainage facilities that could trip people up. These were already in place when the road was adopted so do not count as defects in law and you should take suitable care when using these roads.



Our inspectors carry out inspections on foot, by bicycle and in motor vehicles as relevant.


  • ​Classified roads - every six months
  • Unclassified roads - every year​
  • Busy pedestrian shopping areas in Chipping Sodbury, Downend, Hanham, Kingswood, Staple Hill and Thornbury (Yate shopping centre is privately owned)​ - every month​
  • Footways (where these are separate from roads) - every year​.

Report a blocked gully or drain

Most gullies drains at the edge of road get emptied and cleaned once every year to make sure water c ...

Report a defective manhole cover

If you notice a problem with a manhole cover please tell us about it.

Report a flooded road

If you notice flooding on a public road except for a motorway or trunk road please tell us about it.

Report a pothole or damaged surface

If you notice a pothole in the road or on a pavement please tell us about it. 

Report an obstruction or spillage

If you notice an obstruction or spillage please tell us about it. 

Report faded markings

If you notice a problem with faded road markings please tell us about it.

Request a gutter, footpath or cycleway to be swept

Request the sweeping of a road gutter footpath or cycleway.

Request new yellow line road markings

How residents can request yellow lines to prevent car parking.

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