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Sort It centres

One of our sort it centres

There are four Sort It centres in South Gloucestershire. These are also called civic amenity sites or household waste recycling centres. You can deposit waste for recycling, composting or landfill here.

The Sort It centres at Yate, Mangotsfield, Little Stoke and Thornbury are provided for the sole use of residents of South Gloucestershire to deposit their household waste.

Commercial and industrial waste must be disposed of through the waste transfer stations next to the Sort It centres at Yate and Mangotsfield or taken to other licensed commercial disposal sites.
Householders that do not live in South Gloucestershire are not allowed to use these sites and must use the facilities provided by their local council.   

When to visit 

Please see the information about each centre for its opening times. All the centres get busy at weekends and bank holidays and so you may have to queue. Please leave plenty of time or use the site during quieter days (Tuesday – Friday).

Public safety at Sort It centres

At our Sort It centres we are always pleased to see South Gloucestershire residents who have taken the time to bring in a range of materials for recycling.

It is important that visitors recognise that household waste recycling centres can be a dangerous place as residents are often handling bulky and sharp materials in unfamiliar surroundings.

When visiting a Sort It centre please take extra care when lifting bulky objects from cars and when handling sharp objects. Please dress appropriately (sensible footwear, long sleeves and preferably use gloves), keep children in the car and report any concerns or accidents to the nearest member of staff. We take our responsibilities seriously to keep everyone safe, and in return we ask all visitors to take extra care.


Revive is a reuse shop at Thornbury Sort It Centre. It provides new homes for a wide range of pre-loved items and therefore help the environment by reducing waste going to landfill, visitors may expect to find items such as golf clubs, crockery, mirrors, tables, chairs, cabinets, fishing rods, jeans, shirts and much more.

Disposal of electrical and electronic equipment

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Do's and don'ts

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Hazardous waste

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Limits and restrictions at Sort It centres

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Mangotsfield Sort It centre

 The Mangotsfield Sort It centre is provided for the sole use of South Gloucestershire residents. Yo ...

Stoke Gifford Sort It centre

The Stoke Gifford Sort It centre is provided for the sole use of South Gloucestershire residents.  Y ...

Thornbury Sort It centre

The Thornbury Sort It centre is provided for the sole use of South Gloucestershire residents. You ca ...

Transfer stations

SITA UK can accept commercial waste for disposal.

What can I take to the tip

What can be recycled at the Sort It centres

Yate Sort It centre

The Yate Sort It centre is provided for the sole use of South Gloucestershire residents. You cannot ...

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