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Dog control


​Find out more about lost, nuisance or agressive dogs, dog fouling and general dog welfare.

If you would like to re-home a stray dog please visit our rehoming and 'dog of the week' pages.​

Dog of the week

We often have dogs looking for a new home. Please take a look and see if we have one for you.

Dog wardens

Our dog wardens are responsible for a number of dog-related services.

Lost and found dogs

The dog wardens have a duty to seize any dog found straying i.e. unaccompanied in a public place or ...

Rehoming a dog

If you are interested in rehoming a dog please contact us or register your interest on-line.

Report a lost, found or stray dog

If you lose a dog please report it to us as soon as possible so that our dog wardens can trace you w ...

Report a problem with a dog

Our dog wardens will investigate all complaints of nuisance caused by dogs including noise and smell ...

Request advice from a dog warden

Our dog wardens also provide talks to local schools and other community groups on responsible dog ow ...

Request to rehome a dog

We look for new homes for unclaimed dogs or for dogs whose owners can no longer look after them. In ...

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Department for Environment and Community Services
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