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I am an older person

An older couple with a carer

Life begins at 50, so they say. If you’re fit and healthy you may want to take a round-the-world trip, play golf every day, or study for a degree. If you’re not so fit you might want to take things a bit easier.

We can help in all sorts of ways so that you can keep your independence. For example, we can help with rubbish collection; mobile and home library services; concessionary fares; mobility aids, sheltered housing, council tax benefits - it’s a long list. And if you don’t have internet access at home you might be reading this, without charge, on a computer in your local library.

This page will help you to gain quick and easy access to information, services, grants and support so that life becomes just a bit easier. We have also listed other organisations that provide information and support for older people. 

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