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Winterbourne View

A pile of documents and reports

South Gloucestershire’s Safeguarding Adults Board commissioned a Serious Case Review following reports of patient abuse at Winterbourne Private Hospital last year.

The independent review is written by Margaret Flynn. 

Erratum and clarification

If you downloaded a copy of the Serious Case Review: Winterbourne View Hospital between 7 August 2012 (when it was launched) and 20 August 2012 (the date of this erratum), please note the following two corrections: 

  1. Footnote 7, page 22 should read: Maybo Ltd is a provider of conflict management training across sectors and a British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) accredited provider of physical intervention training (www.maybo.co.uk accessed on 29 February 2012)
  2. The final sentence of paragraph 8.8, page 139, should read: Castlebeck Ltd received physical intervention training from Maybo Ltd, a BILD (www.bild.org.uk ) accredited provider Margaret Flynn and Vic Citarella 

Ann Chivers, Chief Executive of the British Institute of Learning Disabilities wishes to state that BILD has not had any direct involvement in relation to Castlebeck and issues of restraint as suggested in the original report. 

The BILD Physical Intervention Accreditation Scheme accredits training providers that deliver training in behaviour support and management. This is done by organisations providing a portfolio that demonstrates evidence of meeting the requirements of BILD's Code of Practice, Assessor observation of training, a review of paperwork and recording, and a presentation to an independent panel. If a training provider is successful, then they are added to the list of accredited providers which is on the BILD website www.bild.org.uk Accreditation lasts for a 3 year period.  

BILD has been and continues to be at the forefront of promoting positive behaviour support approaches with a track record of working to improve outcomes for people with learning disabilities and their families that stretches back over 40 years.

For any further information please contact Bild on 01562 723010 or enquiries@bild.org.uk  

Margaret Flynn

Margaret Flynn is the Chair of Lancashire County Council's Safeguarding Adults Board, a Director of Flynn and Eley Associates, a Senior Associate of CPEA Ltd, a Trustee of CartrefiCymru and the Joint Editor of the Journal of Adult Protection (with Bridget Penhale). Margaret has worked with Vic Citarella, a Director of CPEA Ltd, for 10 years. 

Margaret has worked as a researcher since the 80s when she interviewed the former patients of long stay hospitals. She has a long standing interest in the lives of people with learning disabilities and in what is successful in keeping all of us safe – especially people without families or friendship networks. 

Margaret has a brother with a learning disability. They have written a children’s book about what having a learning disability is like. Margaret has also contributed to the Books Beyond Words series pioneered by Professor Baroness Sheila Hollins and developed with people with learning disabilities. 

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