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Registering for a Homechoice property

Council housing

HomeChoice is the name of the council’s Choice Based Lettings Scheme, the way that we let social housing in South Gloucestershire.

Applicants are prioritised for housing by placing them in one of three categories, which makes it easy for people to judge their level of priority. HomeChoice gives a clear picture of the properties available and gives feedback on how popular individual properties and areas are. This provides customers with a realistic view of the current situation and how long they might have to wait for housing.

If you are looking for housing you can register an application on HomeChoice.

When you have registered, we will send you confirmation of your registration number, your priority for housing and the size and type of properties you are eligible for. Once you receive your registration details, you can apply for properties that you are interested in.

Please see our frequently asked questions for more information about the way that the scheme works.

HomeChoice West

Bristol City Council and South Gloucestershire Council run a scheme called HomeChoice West, which is designed to help you to move to other parts of the region.

If you are already registered with HomeChoice, you do not need to do anything else, however, if you want to bid for properties in the Bristol area, you must register separately with them.

Please see our frequently asked questions for further information.

Contact us

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