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Empty homes

View over rooftops

We provide assistance and action to bring empty private properties back into use to meet local housing need. 

Long term empty homes in South Gloucestershire make up for less than 0.4% of all households in the area.

Watch our video below or go to http://youtu.be/0D3tKCX-KXw to see how we helped shopkeeper and landlord Dinesh Patel to convert and let a property in Kingswood that had been left empty for over a year.


Our target for 2011/12 is to bring 158 empty properties back into use and for 35 of those to be long term empty properties which have been targeted for enforcement action by the Council or where it has provided significant advice and assistance on.

The target was exceeded in 2010/11 with 223 properties returned to use, and of these 45 had been empty for over 6 months.

We work in partnership with private landlords and have developed a number of housing schemes, such as SG Homes, to help you let your property. 

Owners who need help with funding works to their property in order to bring it back into use may be able to apply for empty home loans assistance.   We can discuss the full range of solutions with private owners to find the best option that suits their needs and their property.

If an empty home is an eyesore, a threat to public safety or the owners persist in leaving it empty, we can take enforcement action, including under the empty dwelling management order (EDMO). This allows councils to take over the management of residential properties, where an owner of an empty property has turned down offers of help to bring the property back into use and can offer no good reason why the property should remain empty.

 We also encourage members of the public to report any empty properties that they are aware of- if you know of any please let us know.

You can report any empty homes to us by completing an empty property form.

South Gloucestershire Council has produced a empty homes strategy (2008- 13) which sets setting out the initiatives which we planned to implement over the  5 years period to maximise the re-use of empty properties across South Gloucestershire.

We also help to organise the annual Landlord Expo which is the largest free landlord event in the west, and is also run by the four West of England local authorities.

The four West of England local authorities (South Gloucestershire, Bristol, North Somerset and Bath and North East Somerset) work closely together to tackle the problem of empty homes across the West of England region. We encourage, enable and assist owners to bring their empty properties back into use for residential accommodation. We have recently joined further in partnership with Kent’s no use empty initiative and launched a new website no use empty west which provides information and advice on empty properties, including assistance on renting, buying and selling an empty property and the joint initiatives we offer. We also produce regular newsletters.

If you own an empty property and would like advice and assistance on any options for bringing it back into use please contact us on 01454 868005 or email emptyhomes@southglos.gov.uk.