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Apply online for a school place

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Details about completing an online admission form for admission to primary (reception year) or secondary (year seven) for the first time for schools in South Gloucestershire.​

Reception or Year 7 places for September 2014

It is very important that you read the appropriate admissions booklet before making an application, including considering how your child will travel to their preferred school(s).
On-time applications for a year 7 school place have now closed.  If you still need to make an application it will now considered as a late application. 
Apply for a school place

Register and apply for a school place online

This online application is only for starting primary or secondary school for the first time at the beginning of the academic year i.e. reception class primary or year seven secondary. (If your child is starting school at any other time please go to the 'In year school admission's' page

  • Register your details along with a valid email address - if you have previously registered with the online system, you can simply log on using your original email address and password. 
  • Before completing the application check 'My Details' to ensure they are correct and up-to-date
  • Click on the link 'Apply for a school place' (only available in September and October for secondary applications and September through to January for reception year applications)
  • The first screen you will see has a large blue button which says 'Register Now' and you will be asked to complete parent/carer details along with address, telephone numbers, your chosen password and mother's maiden name (please note we are not able to access or reset your password should you lose it so it is essential that you enter a valid email address and that you enter your mother’s maiden name accurately, otherwise you will need to re-register using a new email address)
  • Once you have successfully registered you can enter your log in details on the homepage you will see a page called 'Application for admission to school'
  • You can now continue to complete the application form.  A guide is available for you to read here.
  • Year 6 pupils who live and go to school in South Gloucestershire should receive a letter, from their current school, before 9 September with their UID number.  This can be used to assist the online application

Help with the online admission form

Council Tax Reference Number
It is NOT necessary to complete this information
Password not accepted
If you are having difficulties getting our system to accept your password and/or e-mail address, please read the following tips before contacting us. Passwords are cAsE sensitive. Also be careful not to confuse for example the figure “1” with a lower case “l”, the figure “0” with the letter “O”. Ensure you provide the same e-mail address that you registered with.
Lost/forgotten password
If you need to retrieve your password, click the link "Forgotten Password" link below the password box on the Admissions Online homepage.  You will be asked to enter the e-mail address and mother's maiden name as entered in your registration. Your password will be emailed to this email address.
My preferred school is not showing up when I enter the name and click search
Try entering just a few letters of the school name, e.g. han for Hanham High School, or hel for St Helens and then click the search button.

Do I need to complete a paper application form as well as the online form?

You should not complete a paper form as well.  Duplicate forms can cause delays in the application process as additional checks need to be made. Where duplicates are received, the most recently received on time application will be the one processed and any previous applications withdrawn. You may need to complete an additional supplementary form if you apply for a voluntary aided (church) school or foundation school to allow the governors to consider your application in accordance with their admission criteria.

Can I change the details on my application form?
You can edit any of the details on the online application form right up until the closing date for secondary transfer and reception class admissions. * If you do this, do not forget to re-submit your form. *

I am moving house, what should I do?

The application form should be completed showing the address as at the time of application. If you move in the time between first completing the form and the closing date, resubmit your application giving the new address. If you move after the closing date, contact the Admissions and Transport Team at South Gloucestershire in writing giving details of your new address so that we can contact you at the correct address. It is the address of the child as at the closing date that determines the priority given to the application for the first round of allocations.
How will I learn of the outcome of my application?
You will be able to view the outcome of your application by logging on to the website using your password on or after the relevant offer date. A letter giving further details of the offer of a school place will be posted on the relevant offer date by 1st class post. We cannot respond to telephone enquiries about the school offered until one week after the offer date. Please note that you will only be able to view the outcome of your application online if you have applied online. If you apply by paper application form, you will not be able to view information online.

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